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Everlube 620 is a molybdenum disulfide and graphite based solid film lubricant in a thermally cured organic binder system. Everlube 620 provides superior wear reduction, extremely high load-carrying capacity, a low coefficient of friction and prevents both galling and seizing. Everlube 620 is also qualified to BMS 3-8. Everlube 620 is purchased by a wide variety of markets, including Aerospace and Medical. This product is concentrated and requires dilution before application. For dilution, use 600 solvent or a 50/50 mixture of ethyl alcohol and toluene.

Weight (LBS): 3.00

*Notice* This product is considered a hazardous material when shipped via ground or air. Hazardous charges will be automatically applied to the shipping charges.

We are in the process of updating our website. Please contact customer service at (800) 242-1483 to order this product.